The Society of Mareen Duvall Descendants

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      The Duvall Society was founded in 1926 "The purpose of the Society shall be
to unite in common bond the descendants of Mareen Duvall for the study of
Duvall history, to preserve and restore Duvall relics, to preserve the traditions
of our Country and to support the Constitution of the United States."

Interested in Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Society of Mareen Duvall Descendants. New members are always welcome!
Mareen Duvall, the Emigrant, born about 1625, arrived in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, circa 1650. He established his home in the Province of Maryland about 1655, married three times and fathered twelve children. His Will was probated in August 1694. While there is another well known DuVal family of Virginia that descends from Daniel DuVal, there is no known connection between these two lines. Many Duvalls are listed in various early state census enumerations, especially in Louisiana. It appears that the Maryland Duvalls migrated west; some through Western Maryland and Pennsylvania to Ohio, or south to Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, the Carolinas, and then west.
Since the Society was founded in 1926 there have been over 1,000 members. We currently have about 425 members from all across the United States and Washington, DC. Our membership files, under each of the twelve children from which a member is descended, are maintained by the Society's Registrar. The majority of our members descend from Mareen, the Younger, then Benjamin, then Captain John, and then Mareen, the Elder. Mary Duvall Hall and Susannah follow. The remaining children are only represented by a few members, and two have none.

Membership Application and Dues Schedule

Application/Entrance Fee-  $10.00 (one time fee) plus Dues
   Regular Membership- $15.00 annually
   Associate Membership (spouse of a member)- $15.00 annually
   Sustaining Members (pending approval) - $15.00 annually
   Life Membership - $200.00 (one time payment, payable in one lump sum)
If you would like to join the Society, please complete the Membership Application found under Society Documents, and mail it with your check, payable to "The Society of Mareen Duvall Descendants," in the amount of$25.00, to the Society's Registrar at the following address:
Mr. Barrett L. McKown
3580 South River Terrace
Edgewater, MD 21037